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Unchained Melody by: The Blackwells  (MP3 file only)
(written by: Hy Zaret)

Song From Moulin Rouge by: The Blackwells (MP3 file only)
(written by: Georges Auric, Jacques Larue, and William Engvick)


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Love or Money by: The Blackwells
(written by: Dewayne Blackwell

Little Match Girl by: The Blackwells
(written by: Dewayne Blackwell

Playing Heart Strings by: The Blackwells
(written by: Ronald Blackwell

Mansion On The Hill by: The Blackwells
(written by: Hank Williams

Always It's You by The Blackwells
(written by:
Boudleaux & Felice Bryant)

Please Don't Come Crying To Me by: The Blackwells
(written by: Dewayne Blackwell



The Music Reporter Magazine Picture 1960

From Left to Right - Dewayne Blackwell, Wesley Rose (Song Publisher), Glenda Blackwell,
Harry Finfer (General Manager Jamie-Guyden Records, Boudleaux Bryant (song writer), and Ronald Blackwell.


Hello, my name is Glenda Blackwell Baxter.  I want to introduce myself and tell you about my ministry in music. I have been singing since I was in my teenage years. I am from a musical family, which began with my father Glen Blackwell (who played guitar, fiddle and stand up base), my two brothers (Dewayne & Ronald Blackwell) and my uncle Dearl Seagraves. Picture of Dearl on Memorabilia 2 Page.
That was the beginning of my singing career.  I sang, but at that time didn't play a musical instrument.  My brothers (Dewayne and Ronald Blackwell) and I went on to do some recordings in Hollywood and Nashville when I was in my early twenties.  We were known as "The Blackwells".  We recorded a couple of songs that made it into the Billboard Magazine. The songs are "Unchained Melody" written by Hy Zaret & Alex North and "Love or Money" written by my brother Dewayne. These recordings are on YouTube. Dewayne and Ronald wrote a few hit songs that others recorded.

"Mr. Blue", recorded by The Fleetwood's in 1959, was written by Dewayne and  and "Little Red Riding Hood", recorded by Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs' in 1966, was written by Ronald. Ronald died in a car accident about that same time, so wasn't living when "Little Red Riding Hood" became a hit.  Several other well known artists recorded many of their songs: Perry Como, Everly Brothers, Bobby Vinton, Roy Orbison to name a few. Even Elvis recorded a song called, "Just Let Me Make Believe Awhile", written by my brother Ronald, but as far as I know, it was never released. Roy Orbison did record it and the song was on his album "Cry Softly Lonely One". Dewayne continued on to be successful in song writing with many artists recording his songs with two being quite well known in the country music field" "Gonna Hire a Wino", by David Frizzell and his biggest hit, "Friends in Low Places" by: Garth Brooks.


 Dewayne did have a co-writer on that song. This is suppose to be about me, but I thought it might be interesting to give family background. My mother, Opal Blackwell, was also musically gifted in writing songs. My sister, Sherri Schock and I began singing in church and found that singing for the Lord, singing about Him and singing to Him, is what we love to do in the music world.  My brother Brent is very gifted in singing and his children also. I have two more brothers living in California (Dennis and Vance) who are also musically inclined but didn't pursue a musical career.

Thanks for reading about The Blackwell Family!

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