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Photo Of Uncle Dearl Seagraves


This article is from USA TODAY - Thursday August 31, 1995.

CLICK LINK BELOW to listen to the original version sung by Ronald Blackwell of The Blackwells.

Just Let Me Make Believe
  (MP3 file only)
(written by: Ronald Blackwell)


Picture & Article of Donna Blackwell & Sam The Sham Receiving Gold Record Award
For Song Brother Ronald Blackwell Wrote-  Lil' Red Riding Hood.

I took this picture of Dick Clark in Philadelphia when we were introduced to him. We were the opening act for "The Fleetwood's"  on the TV program "American Bandstand".  Sometime later, we were invited to their hotel room and sang Mr. Blue which they recorded and it became a hit in 1959' & 1960'.  Dewayne Blackwell wrote this song.
I was able to get my picture taken with Hank Thompson in my homemade prom dress that my mother made me when I was about 17 years old.
This picture was taken in Bakersfield, CA at Buck Owens Studio.

My Dad, Mother and I were in Buck Owens' office in Bakersfield, CA, I commented on the globe, Buck Owens walked over and un-plugged it and gave it to me. It now resides in my living room.



The Blackwells and Phil Everly of the "Everly Brothers" taken in his garage.

The Little Blackwells

Glenda Blackwell


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Dick & Jane by: Bobby Vinton & Dewayne's Son Dark Blackwell
(written by: Dewayne Blackwell


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